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Can be purchased online at

104 N. State St. Belvidere IL 61008

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges unless a show is cancelled.


An ID is always required if you plan on drinking alcohol. Because we are sometimes an all-ages venue and we serve alcohol we take checking ID’s very seriously. In compliance with Illinois laws anyone 21 and older who plans on drinking alcohol will have to show a valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID, no matter how old you think you may look. Anyone without proper ID, regardless of age, will be treated as under 21 and not allowed to buy, hold or drink alcohol. This policy is strictly enforced and any violation will result in immediate ejection from the event. There is a $2 Minor Fee charged at entrance.

There is seating in the balcony section. On the floor it is General Admission and standing-room only. There is seating in the bar and around the venue.

We sell pizza by the slice at the venue.

There is a bar at the venue that serves beer and alcoholic. Also sells Coke Productions and bottle water

We only insist that you be dressed and wearing shoes. Sensible footwear is strongly advised and there are occasionally shows where spiked jewelry and chains will not be allowed. Items such as pocket knives, pepper spray, outside food and drinks or anything that could be considered dangerous or contraband will not be allowed in the building. Purses/bags will be searched prior to entry.

No, There is a smoking section besides the venue

There is a free parking in the lot besides the PNC bank.

We’re always accepting applications. Send us a email at

Please email us at